Method to Create Fake ticket to china to prank your friends

March 15, 2020

If you want to prank your friends or family with a dummy ticket to china (fake flight ticket to chinaprank, we have a simple method for this that only takes a few minutes from your time.

Before we start, I will write a couple of words about the coronavirus and its status in the world.

Right to this date, there are 159,751 cases of coronavirus and 75,959 recovered. The virus is showing up every day on the top of the headlines of any newspapers and news website. 

The first outbreak starts on Wuhan, China in December 2019 and experts assuming that eating bats are what caused the virus to start. 

Cities were closed and people afraid to go out in many countries and wear masks for protection against the virus. 

If you want to prank your family and friends, there is a method of how to get a fake ticket to china.

How to get a fake flight ticket to China?

1. Visit our website fake flight website (dummy - 

2. If you travel to the infected countries, then choose the city (Wuhan) or their airport WUH.

3. Buy the ticket from our site it costs only $10 

4. Show your friends and family in the city! You can expect a reaction like: Are you crazy? What the hell did you think? This the worst place in the world to visit right now! 

You can also expect the same reactions if you go to other big cities with corona such as Italy, Iran, South Korea, .

And decide which city you want to do the prank.

If you want to Travel to a country with low numbers of people who are having this then head to Brazil or other countries in South America which are likely to be smaller than the rest of the world.

In any case, frank or not have safe travel on this time and always wear mask at the airport or very closes places for safety.