Dummy ticket to Colombia (COL)

Create dummy ticket to Colombia on different cities such as Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena.

The service works perfectly for: 

Proof of onward travel 

Dummy ticket for visa 

Instant delivery after the purchase  

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Dummy ticket to Colombia is it necessary?

When you travel to Colombia as a gringo you will be often asked a proof of onward travel (A return flight ticket) That you will leave Colombia in 90 days. They give 90 days entry visa. So what to do? You can bring a dummy Colombia ticket with it and bypass this requirement of buying a real ticket.

How to generate a Colombian dummy flight ticket?

Our tool can help you simply choose big cities like Bogota or Medellin or their airport names and we'll find a flight for you. The next stop is filling in your details and downloading the PDF.

List of the Colombia cities/airport to choose from:

BOG - El Dorado International Airport - Bogotá

CLO - Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport - Cali

MDE - Jose Maria Córdova International Airport - Medellín

CTG - Rafael Nuñez International Airport - Cartagena

Is a return flight ticket from Colombia is mandatory?

Yes. They will ask you all the time don't make a mistake and don't bring it.

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