Dummy ticket to China (CHN)

Create dummy ticket to China on different cities such as Hong kong.

The service works perfectly for: 

Proof of onward travel 

Dummy ticket for visa 

Instant delivery after the purchase  

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Dummy ticket to China do I need it?

China is one of the countries that are most strict in Asia. You must show a return ticket (proof of onward travel) That you leave China somewhen otherwise it's likely that can't go to China without it. What if I want to travel one one-way ticket? Relax this why a dummy ticket generator can help you with it. We can help you to go to China on one-way ticket!

China airport codes to use on our tool:

Beijing Airport (code PEK)

Shanghai Pudong (code PVG)

Hong Kong International (code HKG)

What if I come to China without bringing a return?

They won't let you enter so be careful. Get a return ticket to your country or the minimum bring a dummy ticket if you don't want to pay for it.

24 hours money back gurantee. (read more our refund policy)