Dummy ticket to Philippines (PHL)

Create dummy ticket to Philippines on different cities such as Manila.

The service works perfectly for: 

Proof of onward travel 

Dummy ticket for visa 

Instant delivery after the purchase  

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Dummy ticket to the Philippines Why do I need it?

Yes, it will be needed when you make a visa to the Philippines. Don't be a dummy and don't bring it. Also, don't be a dummy and buy a real ticket before you know you get your visa. This is where USA dummy tickets get into the picture. We can help you get them.

How to generate a Philippines dummy ticket with you?

You can choose any airport in any city in the Philippines or airport name.

How to create dummy tickets with this codes:


Is a return flight ticket from Philippines is mandatory?

Yes. They will ask you all the time don't make a mistake and don't bring it.

24 hours money back gurantee. (read more our refund policy)