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We use flight data to generate flight dummy ticket. Use our search to find your preferred airline, dates, country.

The dummy flight ticket is perfect for:: 

Proof of onward travel 

Dummy ticket for visa 

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How to use the tool?

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What is dummy ticket?

Dummy tickets are particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, or individuals seeking flexible flight options without incurring substantial expenses. By using these tickets, people can save money while fulfilling the necessary requirements for visa applications or demonstrating their travel plans.

Why do you a need a return flight ticket?

A return flight ticket is often required by many countries as a form of proof that you have a planned departure from their jurisdiction. Upon entering a country, officials may ask to see evidence of a return ticket. Failing to provide this documentation might result in difficulties or even prevent you from boarding your flight or entering the country.

Is it safe to use dummy tickets?

Using dummy air tickets is generally safe as long as you only intend to utilize them for for proof of onward travel. It's important to note that dummy tickets are not valid for actual flights and attempting to use them for travel purposes will not works.

I didn't recieve the flight ticket. what to do?

If some reason you didn't receive the ticket. Contact us: [email protected]

How to get a refund

In the event that you have not received the ticket for any reason, please reach out to us at [email protected].

24 hours money back gurantee. (read more our refund policy)