High quality Dummy ticket generator

We use live flight data and genuine templates for generating dummy flight tickets. The fake ticket looks EXACTLY like the genuine one.

The service works perfectly for: 

Proof of onward travel 

Dummy ticket for visa 

Instant delivery after the purchase  

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About our technology

The app is using API of a very big and popular low-cost website, and everything you see on this low-cost website, including the flight time, airline and even lay-overs is reflecting on dummyticket.flgihts.

Why do you a need a return flight ticket?

Most of the countries require travellers to present proof of onward travel in the airport or for visa applications. Generating a return flight ticket using our service will do the trick for anyone who would like to save time and money.

Ok! I want to buy your dummy ticket. How do I proceed?

It's simple. All you do is input your details then the system creates a dummy flight ticket for you automatically, just like the real one. No one can tell the difference because the information within is real-time and accurate, just like an original ticket.

How I use dummy ticket for free?

There is no website that provide the data and accuracy we provide for free.

How to get a refund

We do offer 24 hours money back guarantee You can ask us. Contact us: [email protected]

24 hours money back gurantee. (read more our refund policy)