Dummy ticket to Germany (GER)

Create dummy ticket to Germany on different cities such Berlin.

The service works perfectly for: 

Proof of onward travel 

Dummy ticket for visa 

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Dummy ticket to Germany Why do I need it?

Germany like many other countries ask for proof of the return ticket that you leave them. Why? They want only serious people on their country who commit to the visa rules. This doesn't mean you need to buy a real ticket you can use utilize the use of a dummy ticket and buy only one-way ticket to Germany. The officer will let you in this way.

Germany Airport codes:

Aachen/Merzbruck Airport - AAH

Altenburg Nobitz Airport - AOC

Augsburg - Muehlhausen Airport - AGB

Is a return flight ticket from Germany is mandatory?

The Germany officers ask 98% of the time for a Spain ticket pdf back to your country. you gotta bring a return ticket and if not use a dummy ticket to secure your flight and your way to this wonderful place.

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