Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dumym ticket?

Many countries require that you provide Proof of Onward Travel before you’re allowed to board a flight. This shouldn’t be a problem at all. We have the perfect hack for you if you’re someone that’s open to available travel options and like to travel on one-way tickets.

We can generate dummy ticket for you to aid your travels. All tickets are generated with real ticket template and real flight data. It’ll only cost you about $5.

Don’t know how dummy tickets works? Read the FAQ before you proceed:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dummyticket work?

It’s simple really. All we do is input your personal details into a publicly generated information about real-time flights worldwide. We then go ahead to generate a dummy flight ticket for you, just like the real one. No one can tell the difference because the information within is real-time and accurate just like an original ticket.

Is it real information all of this?

We work with a known flight booking website that provides us with real confirmation template, which includes real flight information such as flight number, price, duration, date and time of the flight, etc. We now use this to generate our own specific itinerary number and this is not real.

What to do In the airport?

Act normal of course! During check-in, you’ll be asked for your Onward ticket. This of course depends on where you’re going and passport. Just present the Onward ticket to the check-in person – that’s all. Your experience might vary, but this is what typically happens:

You arrive at the airport and walk to the check-in person. He/she asks for your Onward ticket. They look at the flight number, date and time, enter it into their system and then point you towards your flight.

They’re not interested in your itinerary number or PNR confirmation number. Should in case you’re asked for PNR number (rarely happens), you can always say you bought this ticket few days back and probably Expedia is yet to issue a real ticket?

Are the tickets provided real?

No. The ticket confirmation printout you’ll be issued is never real. However, you can hardly differentiate it from the real one.

What if I’m not allowed to board?

If you ever get rejected, it’d be probably be for some other reason other than your return ticket.

Travel tips:

Always look presentable at the airport. Yes, you need to dress up! This will create a positive impression with the check-in team and reduce any doubt whatsoever.

Make sure to have all other travel documents together with the onward ticket. Never give the check-in crew reason to look at you twice.

Choose an airline totally different from the one you’re already traveling with. For instance, if you’re traveling with AirAsia, switch to KLM, JetStar or any other one. This prevents the checking of your onward ticket to confirm if it’s real or not.

Can I check more about you?

You can check our Trustpilot reviews of people who were in the same boat like you: