Dummy ticket to Mexico (MEX)

Create dummy ticket to mexico on different countries such as mexico city, cancun, guadalajara.

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Proof of onward travel 

Dummy ticket for visa 

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Dummy ticket to Mexico why get it?

When you travel to Mexico they are very strict and ask you for a return flight ticket from Mexico back to your country in 90 days. mexico Gives 90 days visa on arrival and they want to see proof that you return. The solution is a dummy ticket. You don't have to buy a real ticket simply get a dummy ticket from Mexico and you will be fun and flexible with your travel.

How to generate a Mexico dummy ticket with you?

To do that you need to search cities or Mexico or Airport codes. After you will get to a point where you get to fill in your name and family name and finally create the pdf flight ticket to Mexico or from Mexico.

How to create dummy tickets with this codes:

Mexico City Airport – IATA Code – MEX.

Cancun Airport – IATA Code – CUN.

Guadalajara Airport – IATA Code – GDL.

Monterrey Airport – IATA Code – MTY.

Tijuana Airport – IATA Code – TIJ.

Los Cabos Airport – IATA Code – SJD.

Puerto Vallarta Airport – IATA Code – PVR.

Merida Airport – IATA Code – MID.

How I use dummy ticket for free?

There is no website that provide the data and accuracy we provide for free.

Is a return flight ticket from Mexico is mandatory?

Yes. They will ask you all the time don't make a mistake and don't bring it.

24 hours money back gurantee. (read more our refund policy)