Is dummy ticket is illegal and a personal story

March 21, 2020

Many ask if dummy ticket is illegal they want to use it for things such as proof of onward travel, apply for visa

So I want to share a story I opened this website to help people in the beginning.

 I had many times that I arrive at the airport on one-way tickets and the officer recommend me to use such sites to get the return ticket.

The officer who you meet and give you the boarding pass have all interests to let you pass because he's working on the company you buy the ticket.

So he follows a standard procedure that you must show a return ticket.

I travel over 30 countries when a return ticket required and always was able to pass without any problem whatsoever. 

That allowed me to travel on low-cost and can come back whenever I wanted. 

So is Dummy ticket illegal? You can think ridiculous things and scare about that, but it's not as bad as you think. Many people use dummy tickets, and the worst-case scenario you imagine in your head when you use them I never heard from anyone who uses this thing. We have many customers, and we have heard only good things from them.