Example: How good dummy ticket looks

October 25, 2019

How the dummy ticket looks? Can I use it for prove of onward trave? For visa application? These all frequentely asked questions.

The short answer is: It marely depends on the quality of the ticket. Some sites generate very poor quality PDF tickets while there good website who generate good tickets based on API.

With that look like the real ones. and will serve you from these things.

Example of good Dummy ticket (With dummyticket.flights ?)

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  Benefits of using our service VS others


1. Our service: All flights are taken from real flights (API in real-time) it means: All hours, photos, airline companies and even layover time are match to the orginal ticket!

2. Our service:  Very fast just in 2 minutes and you can have your ticket to desktop/mobile

3. Cheap: only $10! 

Does your service works all the time and what should I do at the airport?

Abosulutely yes. Unless you tell the guy on the airport thet use your dumym ticket. but all good. we had hundrends of customer who want to apply to visa or just proof of onward in most of the casses and they all pass.

There also couple of things you should consider:

Dress nicely - In many cased when you dress nice and show that you are high value person they don't even ask you to show proof of onward. so put some nice Checked shirt,Suit if you have one and long jeans. don't come drunk, don't drink at the airport and don't be an asshole.

Don't talk too much about your dummy ticket:  Keep thsi information to yourself untill you arrive to your destination.

What would if they notice it's dummy?

If someone notice at the airport is because he uses a bad quality dummy ticket generator. 

With us, you will always pass without any issue. And if you ask what happens if I get caught anyway? Don't worry; they will tell you that there is no flight like this and you will have to book a new plane to pass.

You need terrible luck to get an answer like this because our tickets are very the same as the original and all of our customers had 100% success with that.