5 Beautiful fake boarding pass templates

March 26, 2020

There is a massive difference between a fake airline ticket to Fake boarding pass.ddd

A fake airline ticket is a reservation on PDF printed with all the flight ticket details such as names, last name, airline company and time. 

We receive it to our email after ordered the flight online from Sky scanner, Expedia etc.

When Boarding pass we only receive after we check-in at the airport with our real ticket.

A fake airline ticket can be beneficial for us when we want to go to  to country on a one-way ticket (Thailand or India for example)

When we arrive at the airport, we present the real ticket and the fake ticket as a  return flight.

And the officer will let us pass because we show a return ticket.

The fake Boarding pass cannot be useful for us for this kind of use, but it can be helpful to for pranks

And for fun.

5 fake boarding pass templates for you to choose: 

Download now

Don't try to use the  Fake boarding pass template at the airport!  because the officer will laugh on you! 

Everything is showing up at the system, and a fake boarding pass won't work for you.

Every flight has its unique PNR number, and the officer will check your passport to verify  the real flight number to verify the trip. Also, every real boarding pass has its structure and form, and you can't mimic it with a fake boarding pass template. 

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