What is PNR and do they check it at the airport?

February 4, 2020


Interested in learning what a PNR is on a flight? 

A PNR is basically the name record of passengers, which is a collection of information in the storage of a computer reservation system, or abbreviated as CRS, that has the schedule for passengers boarding a flight together. 

Why was this created?

 This was formed by a group of airlines that wanted to collect reservation information of the people on the flight.  This facilitates communication between airlines to share information about the people on board - in case someone is in the process of boarding multiple planes to reach their final spot, which is known as interlining.

Oddly enough, there are no industry standards for this format, or amount of content in a normal PNR. However, each CRS has some arbitrary standards. Whenever someone schedules an aviation trip, the travel website will make a PNR in its system, and then share that information with whatever airline was chosen. This is known as a large global distribution system. If the flight is scheduled directly with the airline, a lot of times the airline will put the PNR in their own database individually.

From a specific point of view, you need to complete 5 parts before this is initiated. They are:

●      The identity of the flier

●      Communication details to give to the flight attendant

●      Ticketing specifics, which could be either numerical content, or ticketing time limit.

●      Itinerary of the trip, which must be similar to all the passengers listed.

●      Identity of the individual who is creating the booking and giving the information.


Oftentimes the airline will also ask for some specific information such as inquire information about frequent flier miles, form of payment used to complete the payment, age details (including accompaniments and special accomodations for young and/or elderly).


A lot of governments recently have also been requesting some other information, including:

●      Passengers' gender

●      Passport details - nationality, number, and date of expiry

●      Date and place of birth

●      Redress number, (if previously given to the passenger by the US authorities).

●      All available payment/billing information.


That’s about all there is to know about a passenger name record! Hopefully you’ve learned something and can utilize this information the next time you make a flight! 

What is PNR and do I need it or its rarely check if at all?

The truth is that PNR number is rarely checked if at all. I travelled around 22 countries and PNR never was checked when I was at the airport and showed my dummy ticket or when I needed it for a visa. Many websites brag about that they provide you with a PNR number and it's perfect for visa bla bla, but the truth is that it's just a trick to get our from you more money and it rarely checks if at all. This why many people use today dummy websites without PNR number, and it works just for excellent them. So keep it in mind. 

Do you Provide PNR number on your dummy tickets?

No. We don't provide PNR numbers but we provide something similar to it with 13 digits numbers so it looks like you got the PNR on your ticket.