How can I confirm my flight ticket is real?

August 29, 2020

How can I confirm my flight ticket is real?

Passengers who book their plane tickets online for the first time are often interested in the following questions: Is everything okay with the ticket? Did the payment go through? How to check if there is a ticket reservation? Have you deceived me?

Everyone should be perfectly aware that when you buy a ticket via the Internet because fraud schemes can operate here too - waiting for you at the right time, especially during summer vacations or long vacations in winter, when you especially want to fly somewhere - away from your primary habitat.

So how do you check an e-ticket? Everything is very simple!

How to check the status of the ticket:

• Look for the six- or five-digit booking code (PNR, Booking reference, Reservation code, Confirmation number, booking number) on the ticket. It looks like this: ZPUSTA;

• Go to the airline's website and click "Check booking" (Check flight status, View booking, Find my booking, View reservations, Manage booking);

• Enter your last name or first name and booking number;

• If the reservation is not found, swap the first and last name or, if there is only one field, enter the first name instead of the last name;

• If you bought a ticket through an intermediary agency, then the airline's website in some cases may not see the reservation indicated in the itinerary receipt. If you are in doubt, call the agent and ask for the booking code (PNR). It will still come in handy if you decide to check-in for a flight on the Internet ;

• In addition to the airline's website, reservations can be checked in flight booking systems - large databases used by airlines and intermediaries. Please note that your airline may use a different booking system, then these four will not be able to make your reservation. The easiest way is to check your reservation on the airline's website or call the airline or agency support.

How to check the authenticity of the service where you buy a plane ticket?

First of all, when verifying the authenticity of the site and the reliability of the provision of information, there are few rules that you need to pay attention to in your future tourist life:

First of all, we turn to a proven service for searching and booking plane tickets. If you do not know where you can buy a real ticket, then we read the article with important information about the verified places for purchasing tickets.

Be sure to check the price of the found air ticket in other search services, if you don't know how to buy a cheap air ticket, be sure to read the article where you have all the necessary information.

Never look at huge discounts for air tickets, well, they cannot cost less than the airline itself, and the travel agency that sells such tickets should already be suspicious. It is imperative to check the ticket price and other travel agencies, and prices should not vary significantly.

When buying an air ticket on an unfamiliar service, we look at information about the site, phone numbers of the support service, look at the address in search engines, read the forums about this service. For more advanced users, there is an excellent service named whois, where you can check the age of the site. If such a service exists literally for a few days or weeks - let's run from here!

Be sure to pay attention to the payment details, no transfers from card to card or through electronic money, everything must be as expected, with confirmation through the bank, that is, the bank must always confirm the reliability of the transaction.