Why fake flight ticket is safe and smart through Dummyticket

July 29, 2019

How Do Travellers Provide Proof of Onward Travel for Flexible Journeys?

At this moment in time, numerous destinations worldwide are strict on their immigration policies. Depending on your nationality, you might be required to get a visa, provide ‘proof of onward travel’ to airport border agents, or simply be allowed to travel wherever you wish, via a ‘no questions asked’ policy.

Luckily, tricking the system for both visa applications and ‘proof of onward travel’ is 100% doable whenever state policies require travellers to book return flights to prove that they aren’t planning to stay longer.

For years, people throughout the world have created fake return tickets, for the sake of keeping their travel journeys flexible. After all, there are thousands of reasons for extending your trip, or simply keeping options open for the next leg of your journey. It’s also important to consider potential scenarios when a fake ticket is required for other purposes apart from keeping your travel options flexible. Perhaps you need an alibi, some private time to yourself, or proof that you’ve indeed travelled to a specific country.

So, why not purchase a ticket?

Purchasing an actual ticket is often a bad call, since it entails paying an extra amount of money for no reason at all. Refundable flights are also a disadvantage due to the tax that travellers have to pay for cancelling their flights.

Luckily, fake flight tickets represent a cheap, yet safe workaround to the problem. So, how does the average traveller create a fake flight ticket? Logic would say firing up Photoshop and tinkering with the available tools until you create a mock-up that looks like the real deal. However, the downside here is that unless you have prior editing skills, or enough time to learn, the mock-up won’t pass the test.

Introducing fake ticket generators

The most popular go-to solution is relying on a fake ticket generator. Currently, the internet offers several resources in this regard, like DummyTicket.Flights. Fake ticket generators are easy to work with, since they only entail paying a small fee (cryptocurrency is accepted), alongside submitting flight-related data, like your name, boarding country, destination country, and flight date.

DummyTicket.Flights relies on several ticket templates that are used by airlines worldwide. After paying the fee and entering the afferent details, a genuine-looking ticket will be generated. To put things better into perspective, the ticket in question will look exactly like a real one, and include all relevant data, including but not limited to: airline, flight date, flight hour, boarding city/country, destination, your name etc. The only difference is that the ticket cannot be scanned in an airport, since no actual booking is made. However, it’s bound to pass the eye-test, regardless of whether it’s verified by family, friends or border agents.

In case the fake ticket is used as ‘proof of onwards travel’, tricking the system is generally easy, and no failures have been reported so far.  Users simply have to dress and behave as they normally would, while keeping in mind that normally, border agents do not subject tickets to extra verifications.