Nomads Use Dummy Tickets - 3 Different Ways They Use Our App

April 7, 2022

Dummy tickets are basically a round-trip flight reservation. It shows the actual details of a person’s journey which is only confirmed if the airline established it themselves. It may sound fake, but dummy tickets are more than real since they are verifiable by the airline of your choice and they can serve as a reservation made with your name in it.

There may be a lot of people who have doubts about using dummy tickets. They are concerned about its authenticity and if the airline can validate it. But with, they include 24 hours money-back guarantee in case the tickets are precipitously non-verifiable. This is the reason why Nomads uses a dummy ticket as a way to hold a temporary ticket with valid PNR and Reservation codes.

Furthermore, let’s define the 3 different ways why Nomads use to get dummy tickets.

1)    It’s available 24/7 – An app that’s accessible anytime proves its legitimacy. It also means that customers can get in touch with, especially for nomads who travel from place to place with no permanent residence. Moreover, our app demonstrates our positive commitment to our users and provides journey flexibility all around the world.

With our 24/7 service, we can help you find answers and solutions to all travel queries and fulfill your demand for accessibility. Indeed, the key to a successful business is not allowing geographical boundaries or time zones to get in the way.

2)    Supports common payment options – PayPal is considered to be one of the safest banking options to do international online transactions. And since dummy tickets are accessible to a lot of countries, it is just reasonable to use PayPal as a payment option. Also, this online payment system supports different currencies – another factor to use it on an app that offers travel itineraries to Nomads or any other type of traveler. 

3)    Provides additional services – Aside from dummy tickets that serve as proof of onward travel for Nomads, they can also be used for visas. It is valid for more than 24 hours and carries all the itineraries/details you need to get the latter. Also, offer instant delivery after purchase to make traveling at ease.


There are lots of positive and extraordinary reviews from people who already used the app. They said that the service is top-notch – knowing that the availability of the app is 24/7. It’s undeniable that this application provides legitimate dummy tickets to turn your journey into a hassle-free one. Moreover, the number of countries and flight information available is outstanding among the competition roaming around. So if you are one of the nomads, instead of wasting your time on booking flights, use dummy tickets that are unique and trustworthy to get you through the airline.