Need proof of onward travel? Find the 5 best methods to get it

August 27, 2020

Traveling has become a mainstream activity around the world. People travel daily for different reasons. There are many rules and regulations to ensure the easy legal movement of people from one geography to another. Digital nomads require flexibility in travel processes due to their ever-changing location. However, some rules make it somewhat challenging to experience this easy travel.

Proof of Onward Travel is an evidence/document that shows that you will be leaving a country after a stipulated period. Many countries face overpopulation and have limited resources for their citizens because of illegal immigrants. The proof of Onward Travel indicates that a traveler will eventually leave the country in question. It confirms legality and also encourages long-term tourists. 

Many governments have given some airlines authority to oversee the proof of Onward travel. They thoroughly go through check-ins and all flights. Some countries do not ask for proof of Onward Travel; however, the number of countries that require proof of Onward Travel keeps growing. Proof of Onward Travel does not necessarily have to be a return ticket back to one's country, but to show that one would leave the visiting country (either to return to the home country or to go to another country)

Some countries that require proof of Onward Travel are; the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Peru, Indonesia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Thailand, the Philippines, and Brazil. However, to be on the safe side, one should have proof of Onward Travel to tackle eventuality problems.

How to Provide Proof of Onward Travel

Although proof of Onward Travel is quite popular, it can, however, be dicey and challenging. It is essential to know the possible ways to provide proof of Onward travel. The best proof of Onward travel is a flight ticket out of the visiting country, but sometimes, train tickets and bus tickets can count. For people with flexible travel plans, digital nomads, backpackers, etc. that are indecisive and confused about how long they intend to stay in a place or what country to visit next, a proof of Onward ticket will come in handy.

Buy A flexible date ticket: One of the traditional ways of maneuvering Onward ticket is by buying a flexible date ticket. This flexible date ticket allows room for a change of date of the flight. They are suitable for travelers that do not know when they will leave the visiting country. However, this method is relatively expensive compared to other local flight tickets. It is almost twice the price of local inflexible date flights.

Book a Refundable flight Ticket

A 24hour refundable flight Ticket will also serve as ample proof of onward travel. In the United States of America, there is a rule that states that airlines should return the money paid on flight tickets for proof of onward travel, given that process is made before the 24hours grace expires. One can book a refundable flight, tender ticket as proof of onward travel, and gets a total refund afterward. Although this is a low-risk method, research should be done thoroughly to know when to cancel a flight in time.

Rent a Ticket Confirmation

Renting a ticket confirmation has proven to be one of the cheapest and safest way to get proof of Onward travel. One rents a ticket confirmation from a very reliable travel agency. This method is more affordable than buying one's ticket by oneself, and it has a lower risk than forging tickets

Use an onward flight booking company

Booking an onward ticket form an onward flight booking company is the most reliable and most advisable method of proof of onward travel. Renting an onward ticket allows you to rent a ticket at a very subsidized rate. Initially, this method employed holding a flight for a day (24 hours). However, over time it became more sophisticated and a very legal approach that comes with all the peace of mind possible.

Buy a cheap ticket on a low budget airline Although quite expensive, it is one of the easiest ways to provide proof of Onward travel. Many airline staff would advise you to go for this option when they discover that you do not have proof of Onward travel. Renting a confirmation ticket is one of the legal ways and conventional. You get the cheapest ticket available to a close country. The whole process has to be within your visa period. Although bus tickets and train tickets could work, some states do not accept them. However, this method may not be the best approach because it is quite expensive and can be considered wasteful.

Buy a bus or train ticket out.

Buying a bus ticket or a train ticket can also indicate that you are leaving a country and may prove onward travel. However, this may not be a safe bet, as they are not accepted in all countries. Many countries accept flight tickets. For countries that get bus and train tickets, buying these may be a wise strategy because it is cheaper than flight tickets.

Book and cancel with points

Booking flights with rewards credit card offers a more flexible cancellation policy than booking flights usually. When you want to cancel flights booked by rewards credit card, your credit card points are refunded immediately within a specific timeframe.

Talk to your travel agent

For people who are not very familiar with online activities and transactions (especially the older demography), it is advisable to talk to travel agents. Seeking advice from professionals will help you know the best way to get your proof of Onward travel. Making use of professional will help take the stress of what option to go for and what not to choose. The risk is reduced to the bare minimum, and the whole process will be a hitch-free one.

Sign an agreement

Sometimes, when one cannot provide other means of proof of onward travel, one can decide to sign a liability waiver that indicates that you have other means of leaving the visiting country. This method, however, is not very reliable as some airlines do not accept this method. Some others will print a contract form stating that they are not responsible for you or your flight in future deportation.

Dummy Tickets

Dummy tickets like the name implies are a copy of the actual flight tickets. They can be used as proof of Onward Travel. It is high risk because some countries are very strict about proof of Onward Travel, but it is quite affordable.

We make the booking process at Dummy Tickets flight very easy and only for all clients. To book for dummy tickets, which may stand as proof of onward travel or a dummy ticket for visa application, one must follow the following simple processes and sit back and get the tickets in no time. We make use of data from live flights and real flight tickets to make the dummy flight tickets. The dummy flight tickets look almost exactly like the actual flight tickets. These are the processes to go through when booking flight tickets from us at Dummy Tickets Flight:

How to book a dummy ticket;

Fill up the form

There is a form provided on our website. This form requires your name, date of travel, email address, departure airport, arrival airport, and other necessary information for traveling. Be sure to fill in the correct information in the form to prevent possible problems at the airport; we help you crosscheck the information you give to avoid an error. At Dummy Tickets Flight, we promise confidentiality, as all your information is secure and encrypted and will never be leaked to any third party. This form is very understandable and easy to fill; however, if you have any questions to ask, do not hesitate to contact us.

Make a payment

Payment validates order. After reaching out, the next step is to make payment of an agreed amount into the account you have been given. Once payment is made, send evidence of payment to hasten the process, and our staff will immediately start working on your information. This website is a no scam zone; we are reliable and take great pride in our integrity; our existing clients gave testimonies to assure you that your money is secure with us. You will get value for the money you are paying.

Get your Dummy Tickets

After giving the required information and after payment has been confirmed, you will get your genuine-looking dummy ticket. This ticket comes in a PDF format and will be sent to you in confidentiality. This dummy ticket is thoroughly processed to be error-free and will be sent to you within a brief period, following payment. The dummy ticket has your name with a PNR (Passenger Name Record) number to confirm your details on airline's website. Your dummy ticket is valid for 2-14 days. Your dummy ticket will serve as proof of onward travel without complications.

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