Methods to save on Airbnb and $48 coupon code

March 17, 2020

If you want to know more about Airbnb good for newbies/expert ahead to How to use Airbnb

I explained there about the features of Airbnb and how to use its for maximum comfort.

If you want nice methods to save big on Airbnb you're on the right page =) keep reading:

Airbnb is the best app for a digital nomad who stays abroad and wants to rent a cheap  apartment. Whenever I come to a new country, I always choose Airbnb over booking and other hotel apps hotels in the last year. The value I get for the price I pay is higher. All the apartments are brand-new and big with much more space than the average hotel  and way cheaper than a hotel with much more amenities. For example: When I arrive at an apartment in Airbnb, I have a fridge, kitchen to cook, TV and often time ready to use Groceries just as BBQ, oil, ketchup etc..

 I want to share you with you couple of methods how to save big on Airbnb besides my coupon of the first $48

so let's begin..

Method 1 - Rent apartment for full month

How much can save with this method: Up to 70% 

How does it works?

All you need to do is change the date for the entire month and Airbnb all organizes for you the apartments who offer months discounts:

for example, 03/18/2018 - 04/18/2018

You choose the apartment you like, and the monthly discount will be automatically added:

Method 2 - Ask the host about discount

How much can save with this method: Up to %25

Airbnb make it easy for the host to give invites/discounts for the guests in few clicks they can send you a huge discount to book their room.

so how you do that?

Just visit on room, choose dates you want, and instead of click reserve just scroll down to the button and click contact host.

After write him couple of words that you like to get discount it looks like that: