How to use Airbnb - important settings/Filters to keep your privacy

March 18, 2020

Using Airbnb can be a bit tricky for first time users because there are couple of features that you might don't know if people don't tell you.

And if you don't know you can make mistake when order your first stay at Airbnb. 

But don't worry I'm here to talk about the most important settings to know when using the app when it comes to your privacy.

Type of place 

Entire place -  meaning all the apartment is for yourself. including the kitchen, the living room, toilet etc.. you don't need to share the room with nobody. 

Private room - You share living room, kitchen, toilet.. but you have private room for you to sleep in this space. can interrupt people who are keen for their privacy.

Hotel room - On this option you can find many hotels on Airbnb app like booking and expedia. 


You can define how much you agree to pay per day and find apartment in budget 

you can see on the photo bellow that in Medellin Colombia there are many apartment for $15 for day:

How to get the best 1 month deals?

Simple change the dates and make it 30 days. Airbnb will organize for you all the apartment with monthly discounts 

You can find huge discount if you go for full month up to 70% discounts! 

In the last year many hosts join to Apartment and you can always find the best deals even if you don't make a 6 month contract with real estate and personal people like few years ago.

Not yet an Airbnb member?

This is time to join and enjoy the stream I have $48 coupon for you for your first stay