How to get cheap flights in the world and Latin america

September 16, 2019

Hey, what's up? ?

My name is Aviel I'm a tourist in Latin America and owner of this site. I always order the flights on the internet because it is cheaper than the prices you get on the physical embassy. tTheydo precisely the same thing ask you to pay more fees like (10-30%), and you could do it by yourself. I will start then: 

Avianca - I prefer to order my flights just with this site because there are no surprises when you order with it. You can use language up to 23K Included in the price. 

They are very easy with debits cards and the flights get approved usually within a few minutes.

Sky scanner - If you order In Latin America from country to get used sky. Sky will direct you to a couple of other sites make sure you order with Edreams which also very easy with debits cards and approve flights fast. And Avaicana, of course. Avoid orders with Kiwi or Expedia they ask too many details to verify you and WASTE your time! 

Latin is also very cheap, but they are likely to ask you for more money for luggage, unlike Avaicana. and they don't always approve so fast so consider them when you order