How To Get A flight reservation without payment Payment

November 4, 2019

How To Get A Flight Itinerary Without Paying a Penny

There’s no way to get flight reservation without paying completely but I will review the ways you can get it:

1) Find website that have easy easy cancellation terms

2) Use a dummy ticket website here. 

3) Ask yoru family/friends :)

 doubt that the applying for a visa in most countries is a tedious process, requiring a mammoth amount of paperwork and quite a lot of jumping through hoops. In nearly all visa applications, one thing you will be asked to provide is a flight itinerary proving that you are indeed undertaking a round trip. The reason for this is so that the country you are visiting have proof that your trip is fully planned and that you do not intend to stay there for longer than the visa allows.

The problem is, it isn’t always easy to provide a flight itinerary, especially if you want to keep your travel options flexible or don’t want to buy a return ticket. Don’t despair, however. There are ways around this issue including using something called a dummy ticket. But before we get onto that, let’s first discuss what we mean by a flight itinerary.

What Exactly is a Flight Itinerary?

A flight itinerary is a document that details your inbound and outbound flight to and from a country. It is required in nearly all visa applications as proof to the Consulate or Embassy of your intended destination that you have full travel plans and do indeed intend to return to your own country once the visa has expired. The easiest way to provide the itinerary is to show the Consulate or Embassy your actual flight tickets.

The problem with having to provide a flight itinerary like this is that to get one you actually need to buy tickets. This can be an expensive proposition, especially when you consider that the visa application could still be refused even after buying them. It’s important to note that most airlines will not refund the cost of tickets if your visa application is refused and you may be left to foot a large bill.

How do I get a Flight Itinerary Without Paying for a Flight?

One of the best and easiest ways to get a flight itinerary for visa that meets the requirements of a visa application, is to get a dummy flight ticket. A dummy ticket is a fake ticket that looks just like the real thing. Websites like provide these documents created to match the exact look of each individual airline. The tickets will include real flight data, including times and dates as well as things like seat numbers and airline logos to make them look authentic.

To all intents and purposes, they are the real thing and exactly what is required for a visa application. You just haven’t paid for them and don’t actually have a flight.

Creating a dummy ticket is incredibly easy. You just input your personal details along with the information about a real flight that is suitable for your trip and the website does the rest. The finished ticket looks just like the real thing and includes all the information you need to get the visa you want.

The Beauty of Using offer an amazing service that makes getting dummy tickets a breeze. The tickets the website create look just like the actual tickets of the airlines and are indiscernible from the real thing. They can even be used to provide proof of onward travel in the case of a layover to ensure you have the right documentation.

Using is by far the most cost effective way to ensure your visa application is successful. Give them a try and be amazed at how easy it is to get exactly what you need for your visa application.