Easy method to get proof of onward travel to Peru

March 16, 2020

Peru is a beautiful country is green nature and a lot to see! You can rent an apartment in Airbnb in Machu Picchu and see the view and the animals around.

You can enjoy your stay in lima and be in a modern city with lots of things to see and buy. 

Peru likewise many other countries and its neighbours in Latin America insists travelers provide proof of onward travel before they open their doors to you. What is proof of onward travel? It's merely a return ticket from Peru to your original country or a ticket outside of Peru in 90 days. They ask this thing to avoid people staying in their country for an unlimited time, and it creates order and discipline and keeps immigrants away.

So if you plan to go to Peru in One-way think again because you have a high chance to get rejected. 

Is proof of onward travel needed to enter Peru?


Can I use your service for visa Application?

Of course. 

What would happen If I come to the airport without a return ticket?

If an officer doesn't do his job, you might pass. however, the likely scenario is that he asks you to provide proof of onward travel (return ticket) to enter the country. If you don't have, he will deny your entry, and you lose your ticket! 

Israel is a country with rich culture and great food and things to do. You don't want to miss it because you didn't buy a return ticket? Right?

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