Easy method to get Proof of onward travel to Bulgaria

March 17, 2020

Plan to visit Bulgaria? That's great for you! Especially if you visit the warm beach sunny beach because when you arrive there, you would be surprised how everything is cheap there

the Clubs, women, food, beers!

the beach is so beautiful, and long allow us to walk and see all the shops around if you're more of a cold person head to Sofia and enjoy the capital city of Bulgaria.

But wait! Before you go to Bulgaria on One-way ticket, there is a couple of things you need to know

Do I need proof of onward travel to visit Bulgaria? 

Yes. If you go one one-way ticket, you will be asked to show a return ticket to your country!

What happens if I won't provide it?

You will be denied aboard and go back home. Or you will have to book a ticket in the last minute from the airport.

Can I use a fake ticket as a proof of onward travel?

Yes! We provide fake flight ticket as a proof of onward travel and get you cover! all you need to do is to buy a one-way ticket and show the fake ticket at the airport when they ask.