Do I need proof of onward travel to enter Netherlands

March 15, 2020

The Netherlands is a country ahead of the world also require travelers to provide proof of onward travel. They ask a return ticket before you would be able to get your visa this normal thing to avoid people illegally stay on their country. So you better be prepared and take a return ticket in advance to avoid any discomfort at the airport when you try to get this in the last minute or order flight in a 

higher price than you would typically buy.

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Is proof of onward travel needed to enter the Netherlands?

Yes. They will ask you before you board an airplane 87% of the time. 

Can I use your service to apply visa Application to Netherlands?

Of course. Our services used by thousands of people without problem whatsoever. 

What would happen If I come to the airport without a return ticket?

If an officer doesn't do his job, you might pass. however, the likely scenario is that he asks you to provide proof of onward travel (return ticket) to enter the country. If you don't have, he will deny your entry, and you lose your ticket! 

The Netherlands is a great place to visit with warm people. Even though it's cold most of the year the people welcome, and the weed is nearly free if you come for that you will glad to find plenty. 

The women are too much pretty, and you can get along there quickly as they all speak excellent English. The language spoken is Dutch, and the currency is EURO, so be prepared with your onward ticket and lots of euros for your trip!!