Corona virus (Covid-19) Updates and resourses

June 5, 2020

There is an emergency situation in the world before you book a ticket from us real all the information and decide if it' if you can travel or not for you.

How corona virus affected tourism?

Many airports in the world shut down and not allow alights to enter their country or go out from their country. many cities are in ocok down and curfew. Dummy ticket is easing with the situation and allow refunds for anyone who order ticket and can't use it because the current situation in the world. contact us here for a refund.

Should I buy ticket or not?

This is emergency situation in the world and we don't recommend to travel anywhere in the world on the current situation. of course it up to you and if you travel read anything you can on the covid-19 and the country you are travelling to. 

Resources you want to check:

worldometers - Present the amount of covid19 infected people in every country. check this before travelling to any cou